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on the day: paper & fabric

One thing that will be repeated to you if you ever plan a wedding, or a phrase you will have constantly heard if you have done so already is, ‘all that really matters is that you are getting married’. And that IS true. Of course the most important thing about the day is you are marrying your best friend, but I also think that it’s okay to care about smaller details. Life is too short not to get excited about nailing the perfect ribbon colour for your Order Of Service, or the perfect weight of card for your menus….

table settings

We kept the place settings simple, because the stand out aspect of the tables were the flowers - both the dried and fresh arrangements (thank you, Lou at 4 Seasons). We used the same paper and font for the menus as we had done for the invitations and ‘save the dates’, and the perfect latte coloured brown card for the place names. I had ordered a whole book of card colour swatches from G F Smith and other from PDA Card and Craft to find the right colour. My Mum kindly wrote each name in her beautiful calligraphy; a nod to the lettering of the wooden signage.

the order of service

Once we had okay-ed the contents of the order of service with the reverend we were able to start designing it. I had already created the cover; a simple line drawing of the church with the date and our names hand lettered onto it, and knew I wanted it bound by ribbon instead of staples. I also hoped we could make it A6, smaller than the A5 you often see, because a wedding ‘booklet’ felt nicer than a wedding ‘leaflet’, and the smaller size meant it appearing thicker.

This time I sourced the printing locally, as I knew it might need a few runs (and conversations) to figure out how to get the text to appear central in spite of being bound by ribbon. We chose a

paper that was once again similar to the invites and used the same font. We chose to sightly space the lettering out as it looked more modern and I think more elegant. The ribbon matched the green of the envelopes from the seating plan.

the jacket

I had had the idea in my head for a while because I just couldn’t see myself wrapped up in a shawl or any type of cardigan when it got colder in the evening. I had an old denim jacket I’d

kept since I was maybe 14 that I knew I could use and I so got doodling. A few mood boards and designs later I headed to Etsy looking for sew on patches that looked similar to what I had drawn. When they arrived I lay them all out on the jacket. I played around with different layouts and arrangements; taking photos of each as a means of getting a slightly removed perspective.

Once I was finally happy I pinned all the letters and flowers into place. I was hoping to hand sew them all but it was clear after a couple of flowers I was going to need to use my old sewing machine for the bigger pieces. It turns out using a sewing machine is kind of like riding a bike. I loved how colourful it turned out, but sadly it was much too warm to wear in the end!

In our final blog of this wedding series I'll share some photos from the day along with the process of creating the thank you cards I created for our friends and family,

Much love,

Georgina x

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